What we do

Walter Speller Consultancy provides communication and marketing strategies and solutions for the international wine industry serving all facets of the market– from the vineyard to restaurant table and shop floor.

Our approach embraces the complexity and the individuality of wine. Each wine carries a message about the soil, the vine and the producer’s philosophy and technique. This gives us endless possibilities to add value to wine and give it the right exposure throughout broad layers of the market using all its inherent and correlated qualities. We believe that this message may need decoding for the market, and we very much see our role as communicators and ambassadors.

Our in depth knowledge and understanding of the international wine trade coupled with long term experience working with wine professionals (from buyers and sommeliers to journalists) and consumers, allows us to develop market strategies while acknowledging the individuality of wine an producers alike.

Our core aim is to change and enhance the perception of wine and we perceive marketing as building up lasting relationships.